Oxford University Press AQA GCSE Science

  • Market Research & Proposition Development
  • Project Management
  • Design
  • Editorial Services
  • Illustration & Media Research
  • Content Processing & Content Entry
  • Testing & QA

To produce this extensive resource pack for Oxford University Press, we sourced and managed copyeditors, development editors and proofreaders whilst maintaining a strong working relationship with the project’s existing authoring team. The process of gaining endorsement from exam boards was integrated into the development workflow, along with author reviews, quality assessment by subject specialists and the CLEAPSS health and safety review.

The project involved a huge amount of internal co-operation from our design team, developers and typesetters who produced artworks, interactives, animations and a vast range of printed materials for the client.

Our success in this project founded the strong relationship we have with Oxford University Press and acted as the catalyst for our partnership on an ever-widening range of projects.


We are really pleased at how these have all come together into a really compelling offering. Thank you and thanks to all your colleagues for getting these resources into such great shape.

Mark Seymour
‎Digital Development Programme Manager