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In December 2016, Elektra Media’s Education Director, Linzy Dickinson, first visited Nepal. Struck by the need for educational and social improvement in the country’s most remote and rural regions, Linzy forged a strong relationship with the Kathmandu-based charity Istambha Nepal. Through this charity, Elektra Media have donated educational books to schools in the Kathmandu region, enabling many of them to create their very first libraries and incorporate hands-on reading into their curriculum for the first time.

To encourage schools to exploit the resources that they have been given, and to promote engagement with libraries and reading more generally, an enthusiastic team of writers, editors and project managers at Elektra Media have created ‘Library Nepal’ - an educational programme written and produced specifically for use in Nepali schools.

Through helping schools to establish self-sustaining reading groups, Library Nepal provides school staff with a framework for making the best use of their school’s library and resources. It provides structured activities that encourage students to develop a love of books, nurtures their curiosity about learning and empowers students in their own education.

For more information about Library Nepal or to download free materials, visit: