Cambridge University Press Presentation Plus

  • Project Management
  • Content Processing & Content Entry
  • Testing & QA

Presentation Plus is an interactive eBook platform built for Cambridge University Press. Working alongside overseas developers, our team have so far managed the quality and consistency of six series, including the flagship ELT series face2face for British English markets and Touchstone for American English markets, with new titles currently in production.

Each title undergoes rigorous pre-production asset checks in-house, cross platform functionality testing and full alpha and regressions tests post-build.


Elektra Media proved to be exactly what we needed. They had good control over schedules and managed multiple parties for us really well. What is more important is that they share our values – high standards and quality.

They are professional and focused. They supported us not only throughout the project, but also after the delivery date. Their editorial feedback was clear and highly detailed. They understand the publishing industry and their suggestions and questions can really improve your product.

I highly recommend their services.

Monika Czyrska
Editor, ELT, Cambridge University Press