Collins A Level Sociology

  • Project Management
  • Editorial Services
  • Illustration & Media Research

Elektra Media continued to develop our successful relationship with Collins when we were asked to provide project management, editorial and illustration services for their updated AQA series for Sociology A level.

We worked closely with the in-house Commissioning Editor at Collins and a team of experienced authors to identify which parts of the previous edition Student Books required reworking or expanding upon to best cover the revised AQA specification, and to produce new material for additional areas of the specification.

A particular challenge posed by the two Student Books produced was to help guide the authors in selecting appropriate but affordable text sources, including newspaper articles, sociological studies and other research that underpinned the subject content. Our editorial team engaged with this task by making authors aware of the cost of referencing various key sources, reviewing the list of sources to which they wished to refer during planning stages, contacting the copyright holders in advance of authoring to agree fees, and therefore ensuring that the strongest possible content could be delivered within budget.

The result was a set of Student Books that covered the AQA specification in detail, provided in-depth reference to key sociological research, and was delivered within the tight budget available for text permissions.


I've really enjoyed working with you over the past two years and I wanted to say thank you for all of your work on Sociology... and the books look fantastic.

Leah Willey