Elektra Media was founded on the basis of over 20 years' direct experience in education and ICT. Offering innovative, cost-effective solutions to the educational publishing sector has led to continued growth and the expansion of a young, dynamic team with a range of specialist skills.

You can find out more about key members of the team below.

Joyce Dixon

Senior Editor

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As Editorial Project Manager, Joyce liaises with typesetters, designers and authors. She supports the project management team by ensuring editorial quality and the smooth running of projects, and specialises in humanities subjects.

Stuart Allison

Managing Director

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With 15 years’ ICT design, development and management experience prior to co-founding Elektra Media, Stuart is a specialist in electronic educational publishing. He also has direct Higher Education experience as a senior lecturer, designing and delivering MSc programmes in ICT development and education. Although much of his role revolves around proposition development and initial-stage project management, Stuart remains deeply invested in the day-to-day progress of every project we undertake.

Dr Linzy Dickinson

Education Director

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Linzy co-founded Elektra Media with 20 years’ experience in the education sector, including grassroots UK experience from primary level to Higher Education. She is a modern foreign languages and educational product design specialist with a proven record of success on high profile national programmes. Linzy oversees proposition development and market research while also providing a number of editorial services.

Hannie Kirkham

Publishing Manager

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Hannie provides end-to-end management for many of our projects, including market research and proposal development. With experience in editorial project management, especially in author and editor commissioning, she also supports the in-house editorial team.

Joe Jones

Production Co-ordinator

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As well as managing many digital media projects for Elektra Media, Joe is also skilled in digital illustration and develops many animations for our clients. He specialises in scientific and mathematical illustration.

Abbie Hurst


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Abbie is our most experienced designer and has created many of the stunning artworks that can be found in our projects. She works closely with our developers to create eye-catching interactive products and with our content team to produce layouts which maximise readability whilst not compromising on visual appeal.